Here Are The 5 Ways I Want To Be Of Help To You!

Hi there! Whoever knew that being a mom came with so many hats–counselor, chef, teacher, chauffeur, and the list goes on and on! But the truth is, we have everything that we need to balance all of the responsibilities of our role. As moms, there’s an innate ability that was placed on the inside of us when we were created to be equipped to do the ‘hard things’ on this journey. Whether it’s comforting our little ones after getting a scratch from a bike fall, or managing to get a delicious dinner on the table nightly, or coordinating the next homeschool meet-up, we can do it. Sometimes, it requires a bit of intentionality and perseverance to remember that our roles come with seasons.

I’m here to help you balance your role as Domestic Engineer (how’s that for a title 😉 ), and to give you the tools that can help make this season of life just a bit smoother-alrighty! Here are the specific areas I’ll be focusing on:

As busy moms, cultivating our prayer life can often times get pushed to the lower part of our daily to-dos. This is not to cause you to feel condemned about it, but let’s face it, the day-to-day life responsibilities are never-ending at times. I want to walk along side you to help gently remind you that your prayers matter in the Kingdom of God. Furthermore, the time that you devote to praying is precious-no matter the length! It’s your heart that the Father is after and I’m committed to helping you continue, or even rekindle, that beautiful-intimate time in prayer.

Let’s face it, navigating homeschooling comes with its own set of challenges. Currently, we are approaching our fourth year of homeschooling and I can certainly say that we’ve learned a lot along the way. There are so many styles, curriculums, focuses, etc. that it can honestly sometimes become quite overwhelming, to say the least. My desire is to help you navigate the formative years of this oh-so-beautiful journey, and to encourage you to make it all that God has designed it to be for your family.

In today’s economy, it’s always a good idea to be able to generate extra income that adds to the family’s bottom-line. With so much uncertainty looming, having additional funds to cover the household’s monthly expenses can help mitigate stress. Besides, if you’re anything like me, you like having discretionary income to be able to give, spend and save. My goal is to help share with you some legitimate ideas of money-generating online/offline opportunities that won’t require you to sacrifice spending quality time pouring into your family. Afterall, that’s the whole reason we decided to become stay-at-home moms, right?

You know, when I first became a mom one of the things I came to quickly realize is that we really do become subject to whatever their little demands are… at least for the first year of their life anyhow. 🙂 During that season, it’s all about trying to juggle bottles, diapers, sleep schedule, laundry, and the list goes on-and-on! It seems that making time to fit in quality time at the gym is nothing more than a distant dream. Having lived this, I know far too well how neglecting physical fitness can impact our overall wellness. You see, I wanted to have the best of both worlds– well cared for little ones, and a routine of good daily exercise.

We all know that arguably the most common phrase that’s uttered in our homes on a daily basis is: “Mom, what’s for dinner?” This would oftentimes translate into the proverbial nails on a chalkboard in my mind. I mean, we’d oftentimes just finished eating lunch when this question would be uttered. So, in an effort to preserve my sanity, I turned to creating a meal calendar for the week. Can we say life saver! I’m excited to share these tips and strategies with you as well.